Sales Coaching

For sales professionals seeking breakthrough and sales teams striving for higher sales target.

To excel in a sales career, sales professionals need to have the right mindset, skill-set and strategy.

The right mindset is aligned with the beliefs and values. Instead of relying on mere discipline, sales professionals are motivated from within.

The right skill-set refers to an array of competencies that can positively impact the sales revenue. By enhancing strengths and neutralizing weaknesses, sales professionals will shorten the time needed to achieve greater results.

The right strategy enables ordinary sales professionals to achieve extraordinary performance and stay competitive in today’s challenging market effortlessly.

Recruitment Coaching

For agency leaders and aspiring managers in the financial services industry looking at building a high-retention sales team.

Recruitment coaching is highly customized for agency leaders and managers, based on the vision, team culture and leadership style.

All sales teams with high retention begin with a vision. With a clear direction, agency leaders will not fall victim to high turnover rate.

The team culture is key to creating self-sustaining sales team. Agency leaders, instead of knowing who not to recruit, must now consider who should be recruited.

Different agency leaders have different style of leading a team. This directly impacts the speed of recruitment and strength of retention.

Praise from Clients

Under Jacky’s guidance, my goal for the year was accomplished within a span of six months. He displays great understanding of the predicament I was in and I am thankful to have worked with him.

Max LumFinancial Services Consultant, AIA

Jacky’s methodology is easy to apply and understand, and I can still remember the techniques he shared until today. Overall, I am now managing my business more effectively; spending less time but yet generating higher revenue.

Terence NgExecutive Life Planner, Great Eastern

Jacky is insightful, incisive and extremely helpful. He quickly gets to the heart of the problem in an energizing and productive manner.

Dennis ChoonFinancial Services Consultant, AIA

Jacky is really experienced in his field and certainly can add value to any advisor regardless of their experience. As a coach, he is very personable and willing to share. Highly recommended!

Jack ZhangCertified Financial Planner, PIAS

I was near to giving up as my performance was mediocre. Now I am one of the top producers in my agency, and having my voice heard by the management. I want to really thank Jacky for what he has done for me.

Peter TeoExecutive Financial Consultant, Prudential

I had acquired the necessary knowledge on recruitment, management and retention. Now I can confidently break down the recruitment process into stages and identify suitable candidates whom can fit into my team.

Welvel ChuaExecutive Life Planner, Great Eastern

I have always thought that there was nothing new that I can absorb in my quest to become a better leader, but Jacky’s approaches have debunked this myth of mine. He has not only broadened the width of my thoughts, he has also deepened my appreciation on the constant need for self improvement.

Mohamad HijaziAssociate Financial Services Manager, AXA