Skyrocket Your Sales Series

Skyrocket Your Sales Series can be customized into a half-day or 1-day program to fulfill your corporate training needs. It is designed for organizations that want to fortify and expand their market share, and to rake in more revenue. Using a systematic framework and triangulating key areas sales professionals need to be proficient in, sales targets and organizational objectives can be attained with confidence.

1. Adopt the right mindset. By adopting the right mindset, sales professionals will become self-driven and result-oriented. They will become more resilient when confronted by challenges and will not give up easily.

2. Acquire the right skillset. By acquiring the right skillset, sales professionals have a higher probability of closing deals. They will not be intimidated by objections and can establish instant rapport with clients with ease.

3. Activate the right strategy. By activating the right strategy, sales professionals are resourceful and can neutralize potential competition. They will be better prepared to take on the fluidity of the sales process.

Coach The Coach Program

Coach The Coach Program is designed exclusively for managers leading a sales team. The key objective is to equip sales managers with coaching methodologies, so they will be able to coach each member of their team to achieve consistent and sustainable results. Managers will also be able to help their team members to make better decisions, solve problems that are holding them back and take on new skills.

1. The GROW model. The GROW model, among other coaching and mentoring approach, is the easiest to understand and apply. With a guided methodology, managers can become effective coaches.

2. An array of coaching tools. Managers will be introduced to other coaching tools they can use to coach and mentor their sales team. These tools can be used to alter perspective, uncover hidden concerns and help team members to gain clarity.

3. Co-facilitation and role-play. Managers will undergo series of role-play and co-facilitation to hasten the progress of learning. These skills will come in handy when they are placed in the position to coach their sales team.

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